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More than a philosophy is a way of conceiving and living our craft. We believe that the time, attention and passion that we devote to our business are the basis of the goodness of what we offer, be it a dish or a room for the night. We place great emphasis on our region, its possibilities and its wealth and that is why we favor local products and small companies from Trentino, and is a pride for us to offer you wines, beers and spirits that come from the wineries and local breweries, appreciated and internationally recognized.

Our restaurant is based on the traditional Trentino cuisine, which our chefs re-invent giving an international and personal touch, creating futurists dishes such as “rabbit to the cube”, rediscovering an ancient pasta as “strigoli” or by offering more exotic dishes, such as the Catalan cream . Polenta and bread are prepared by us every day, and also all the desserts and all kinds of pasta are homemade. We make ourselves the smoked trout with a traditional recipe, some of our dishes are cooked at low temperature with advanced machinery and we have a special device to purify and make sparkly the water of the town of Nogaredo in order to eliminate the transportation and the bottling industry.

This is what we are and what we offer, with a great desire to share with our fellow countrymen’s love for good and genuine things and hoping to discover new things to those who still don’t know us and our region.

See you there!